Aubrey M. Heupel

I was born and raised in the Midwest, an area little known for its diversity but rather for its corn and beans. I grew up in small-town Iowa where I developed a love and passion for animals at an early age of 4. Most of all I enjoyed catching the toads and snakes frequently encountered in my backyard. I graduated from Iowa State University with a bachelor’s degree in Animal Ecology where I discovered I could actually make a living catching frogs and snakes. In that light, I paid the bills by participating in a variety of research projects while hunting frogs in winter wetlands and radiotracking a suite of turtles (snappers, box turtles, gopher tortoises) and snakes (coachwhips, kingsnakes, pine snakes, and rat snakes) wherever they took me for a number of years. I am now working on the next chapter of my life as I work towards my Master's Degree in Entomology at Florida A&M Univeristy. 

 My photography interests include the flora and fauna found within our southeastern ecosystems (especially longleaf pine habitats and steephead ravines). In my spare time I enjoy Midwest beef, listening to music, playing with electronics, and meandering through the swamps at night catching and photographing frogs.

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